tasks: lighting, rendering & compositing
tools: Cinema 4D, Redshift, Fusion
client: Maxon
direction, character creation, animation: Can Erduman
character animation, editing, cinematography: Alex Bootz
character animation, special FX: Sebastiao Lopes

lighting, rendering, compositing: Andi Wenzel
SFX, music: Bernd Kopf
title design / typography: Bastian J. Schiffer
"The short is a Loveletter to the global modern art community.
Yes, I mean you! You have struggled with your art? Compared yourself to others that are better? Bought alot of tutorials that never came out the way they supposed to be?
Well this story is for you, because suffering is a part of the job. And some happy accidents may level you up.
Hope you enjoy the short. Don't take yourself too serious and enjoy the ride of mastering your art or whatever you do. Everyone sucked at some point."
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