tasks: 3D lighting & scene assembly
tools: Cinema 4D, Octane
studio: Aixsponza​​​​​​​
"The Adventure Buddies teamed up for a sighseeing trip through Zebrastian, passing by sights like Mount Koala and the Camel Pyramid. But the most famous sight of all is yet to come..."
studio: Aixsponza
client: Penny Markt GmbH
agency: Serviceplan Campaign3 GmbH
fff: Neverest Group GmbH

creative director: Tobias Müller
animation director: Leo Akinbiyi
producer: Julian Fischer
sculpting: Lars Korb, Dominik Högn
environment Artist: Max Schellenberg, Johan Town
LookDev: Christian Scheck, Matthias Zabiegly
3D rigging: Can Erduman
animation: Alexander Bootz, Can Erduman, Sebastiao Lopes
3D artist: Jens Kindler, Denis Jagodic, Andi Wenzel, Jörg Faßbender, Holger Biebrach
compositing: Tobias Müller
photography: Bartek Latosinski
rigging puppets: Andreas Walther
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